Mapping “You Are Here” | Concept Design

Year 2009
Interaction Design + Concept Design

Mapping “You Are Here” is a project I was asked to explore place, space, and time through the language of mapping and information architecture. This is also a project to create and articulate an interpretive experience of ” you are here” and analyze, explore, communicate the concept of ” you are here” in the context of dynamic media.

You are nowhere         You are nowhere

The sentence above is the interesting main idea of this project. We are always in one of those two situations: You are here or you are somewhere else than “here”. There is nothing in between. My concept of mapping “You Are Here” is through physical body action and a physical object,a button.

There is a button. When you press that button, you are here. When you press that button and hold it, you are still here. When you release the button, you are not here. Button becomes a judgment object that distinguishes time and physical location into here and there (not here). I end up this project by this concept of the behavior with the button. This concept can go many directions, such as defining social networking relationship, mapping mouse clicking of a period of time on computer, or mapping the physical location by pressing a button on the GPS device.

Button represents here and now. Each time you press a button; you define a unique physical and time position (aka “here”). Each time you release the button, you are not “here”, and you are in the transition to another “here”.