Philips Healthcare Global Services Strategic Project

Year 2012
Client: Philips Healthcare, Global Customer Service Department
Role: Lead User Experience Designer (SapientNitro)
Wireframes + User Testing + Interaction Design

This project is to detangle the customer services online offering into “support/maintenance” and “consulting/services” categories and for the Healthcare home page to reflect this new organization. There are three phases on this project:

Phase 1: Review existing content, reorganize content into “support” and “consulting” and align the services offering each business unit.
Phase 2: Engage in Usability testing to test the newly organized content against competitors.
Phase 3: Re-design the Services site based on the feedback from the usability testing.

For this project, I designed and developed a new structure, navigation, and content of the entire Support web content and created new templates for key countries to follow.